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Bhubaneswar ashram
Bhubaneswar ashram

Swami Shankarananda Giri is a monk of the lineage of Kriya Yoga who has travelled to the West for over thirty years to transmit the teaching of Kriya meditation. He also practices the science of cosmic astrology which he inherited from Swami Narayan Giri (Prabhujee), who was one of the closest disciples of Sri Yukteswarji. He is a tireless teacher, spending half his time travelling abroad visiting the numerous European and American disciples that he has initiated over the years.

The other half of the year is devoted to his charitable work in India. Like many monks of his tradition, he has a duty to support and educate the poorest. In 1984 he thus founded the first school on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, the capital of the state of Orissa where he hails from. His energetic qualities were noticed by his teachers who had entrusted him with the development of this new ashram. In the beginning there was but a mud hut with a roof of palm leaves surrounded by a wasteland. Through commitment and continuing efforts this place has become a high school counting some 3,000 students. It is recognized by local authorities as a perfect example of the integration of spiritual life in the education system.

Swamiji has been able to restore a style of living and education that was once called "Gurukul". In this system, children and adolescents lived for several years with a Master who taught them how to integrate the basics of spiritual life in their everyday activities. This forged their character beneficially, familiarizing them with sharing and selfless work. Then, armed with this learning, they returned to their families, could marry and engage in a career path if they so desired.

At the school in Bhubaneswar, pupils and students follow a curriculum that meets modern standards, but above all learn to become complete human beings and respectful of their peers. From an early age they practice meditation, learning to calm the mind and develop concentration. Hatha Yoga asanas are also practiced, strengthening and oxygenating the physical body. The school is recognized by the Ministry of Education and is now financially independent.

For more information please visit the website of the school... http://prabhujeegurukul.org/ 

Map of Orissa

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On this map of Orissa are located Bhubaneswar, Rairakhol and Baishnav Jhuli schools, built by Swamiji ; and Karar Ashram in the town of Puri. Founded by Sri Yukteswar on 1903, the ashram was the starting point of Kriya Yoga’s monks lineage in the state of Orissa. This is where Swamiji spent most of his years of brahmacharya near his masters.







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