What is Child Orissa?

The chief aim of Child-Orissa is to financially support the various works of Swami Shankarananda Giri with underprivileged tribal populations in his native province of Orissa. Its action is particularly directed towards the education of children.

Since 2002 the annual donations of Western disciples have opened a school in Bhaisnavjhuli where children receive free school education, lunch, uniforms and supplies, such as annual books, notebooks and pencils. This rural school also has a boarding school where orphans are accommodated for free. To date the number of students is 80 boys and girls. The buildings are surrounded by extensive grounds that the students have cultivated. The garden plots are irrigated. Rice and vegetables from the garden supply the school kitchen with fresh produce.
Swamiji emphasizes teaching traditional agricultural techniques that are beginning to lose ground under the weight of impoverishment. The aim of this is to teach the children how to produce, for themselves, what they need to remain in their village and their native culture, while, at the same time, receiving a foundational education; reading, writing and arthmetic.
The school has grown over the passing years and the number of students has increased, but donations have leveled off. Only a handful of disciples continue to send regular contributions.


You too, can support the work of Swamiji in Orissa.

By agreement with Swamiji, the association "Shankara Kriya Yoga"of Paris has set up a simple way to accept donations from different European countries.

                        The means chosen is the secure payment by PAYPAL.

If you wish to contribute to the humanitarian and educational works of Swamiji, please choose from among the options shown below:

1)  By transfer of monthly or annual amount of your choice.

Paypal will automatically debit this, and you can stop whenever you want.

This is the most effective solution to help us ensure regular funding for the projects.
First choose your amount from the dropdown menu:

2)  For one-time donation of your choice.

If you wish to support the projects in Orissa, but you do not want to commit to one year. Follow the Paypal link and enter the amount of your choice. Even a small donation will help.





  After your payment, thank you register on this page−►


Note : all donations are deposited into the bank account of the "Shankara Kriya Yoga" association and are sent in full each semester to "Kriya Yoga Foundation" in India. This association is governed by French law of 1901 on works of general interest and is legally registered with Indian authorities. Apart from bank fees, no running costs will be charged. A tax receipt will be sent later this year if you so request.
On the Paypal page you are asked to fill in your name and address, in order to maintain a register of all the sponsors and to present an annual report.
If the payment options proposed here does not suit you, you can either contact me via the web-site or contact your local association.

News from various ongoing projects :

−► The Baisnavjhuli Orphanage

The Bhaisnavjhuli School is most certainly the one that needs the most help. The school is situated on a vast field where vegetables, fruit and rice are grown. The school is a great success, the children being particularly intelligent and eager to learn.

The school is just getting by. They have only the bare essentials. But a spirit of understanding and mutual support, especially amongst the orphans, allows this project to continue despite the economic hardship. They have recreated a large family, all of them considering themselves to be brothers and sisters, the older children helping the younger.

Whatever the means at his disposal, Swamiji has always continued to feed the children and maintain existing facilities, but the works are off for a long time and Swamiji would resume construction of the first floor whose concrete pillars are pending (see the photos).

The village where the school is located lies in a very poor tribal region, bordering the jungle, which is inhabited by wild elephants and tigers.




−► The new school under construction in Rairakhol, May / June 2012

For the last two years Swamiji has been renting space in Rairakhol to house a temprary primary school. Last Autumn he was able to acquire some land for the construction of a permanent school. It is presently under construction, Swamiji having reviewed the builing plans, adding an extension. When finished, there will be a total of nine classrooms, an office area and a large open room for leisure activites; reading, Hatha Yoga, etc..

Swamiji is also planning to start a college, the foundations are in place, but that is another story...